Wake Up With Demmy Blaze

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 6 September 2018

posting 59392 xl - Wake Up With Demmy Blaze

It's a Demmy Blaze wake-up call. Before we follow her into the bathroom to watch her perform her morning ritual, Demmy rolls around in bed, arousing herself to prepare for the day. She bounces and claps her big boobs wildly in the video.

Now that Demmy is wide-eyed and ready to get the day moving, she brushes her teeth–getting toothpaste all over her tits, touches up her legs and pussy mound, soaps, showers and towels off. All of this is done with sensuous and sensual movements. As we've mentioned before, Demmy has a sexy speech pattern, erotically stretching out her sentences.

After her shower, Demmy brushes on some makeup (and brushes some on her boobs also) and picks out one of her tightest, lowest-cut dresses and a pair of heels. It's going to be a panty-free day and Demmy flashes to prove it before she leaves.

Becoming a model has brought adventure and new experiences to her life. Demmy gets to travel and enjoy different countries. She hasn't had the chance to visit America yet. Maybe one day she will.

posting 59392 x xl - Wake Up With Demmy Blaze

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