The Over-The-Shoulder Hooter Holster Show

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 2 October 2016

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If anyone is qualified to try on bras, that girl is newcomer Paige Turner (November 2016 Voluptuous). She not only slips on some double-barreled booby holsters, she puts them to a rigorous test and talks about each one like the bra and breast expert she is. And while Paige is doing this, she's in eye-banging mode. Cameras were made for girls like Paige. Her boobie traps are set and no one who loves big-titted girls can escape.

“My biggest assets? Breasts, breasts and breasts,” Paige tells us. “Honestly, I love makeup and wearing stripper heels. That makes me feel very sexy.” Paige didn't know about SCORE until a customer at a club she danced in told her she should introduce herself and find out about modeling. Now that's a guy with an eye.

Writes V-mag editor Dave, “There is more to Paige than her big tits. She has a pretty face, long legs and a nice ass, too, and she has a voracious sexual appetite. The proof is in her videos. She masturbates every night before going to sleep. She likes clit stimulation and curved cocks. She once had sex in an ambulance.”

Was that with a guy who passed out when she buried his face in her boobs?

posting 52565 x xl - The Over-The-Shoulder Hooter Holster Show

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