The chesty girl-next-door

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“I consider myself the girl-next-door, so I appreciate all the little compliments,” Kate Marie said. “The best I've ever received was about my eyes and my make-up.”

Kate has a regular job, so her modeling is limited. The fact that she's not a professional full-time model makes her even more of a girl-next-door. I think she's a really talented girl in front of both the still and the video cameras, and she has a charming personality. She's dressed up like a nerd in this scene, the total opposite of the real Kate Marie.

“I grew so quickly at such a young age, they thought I had what Soleil Moon Frye had, where her boobs just kept growing. She had reductions but they kept growing back. They wanted to keep an eye on it.”

So the doctor would weigh them.

“The doctor has a boob scale, and you put one on there and you weigh it and then you put the other one on and you weigh it and you add the total and that's the total on your chest.”

That kinda sounds like one of the doctors in our videos.

“They're an H. 36H. And some people think 36 is so big, but it's not. It just means you have broader shoulders to compensate for carrying around something that's so big.”

Hopefully, Kate will find the time to visit us again. I'll bet her breasts are still growing.

I live in terror that girls like this will settle down with a guy and disappear. Sometimes I wake up screaming.

posting 60801 x xl - The chesty girl-next-door

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