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“I like to be thin, but I like really big boobs, so I got them! They don't have to be as big as mine. Anything from double-D and up. It's what I like.”

So said Vee VonSweets, a camgirl who did a few shoots at SCORELAND. Vee is into the slim ‘n' stacked look.

“The last time I checked, my waist was 26. I started waist training because I want a smaller waist. Not too much smaller. Maybe an inch or two. I saw a picture online and I said, ‘I want this body.' People say I don't need anything. I think I look fine, but I think I can look better.”

There's been a resurgence in the slim ‘n' stacked look in recent years. Some call it “bimbofication,” the Barbie doll look that Danielle Derek and Sandra Star love.

Vee didn't go for that look to the extreme like many girls did during the Big '90s and during the past few years, like Beshine in Germany. She's slim and moderately stacked with a sexy bikini body but with big enough tits to attract loads of attention. Vee could easily take over a beach or a resort's swimming pool wearing that extreme bikini.

I've found that a lot of webcam girls are afraid to leave their rooms and actually model for real for professional photographers.

Vee described that feeling as “Excited and nervous. I'm used to people watching me on the webcam, but I don't see them or they're not telling me what to do. Here it's a little bit different. It's new to me. Doing webcam, I'm in a room by myself.”

Even so, I've checked out enough cam channels while looking for new models and have seen how cam girls are harassed and hassled by trolling visitors. I have to give those girls a lot of credit for being able to deal with that.

posting 61376 x xl - Sweet bikini girl

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