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Dolly Fox, a girl who's blonde, slim and super-stacked, would've been very comfortable hanging out with the classic slim ‘n' super-stacked SCORE girls of the 1990s, like Tiffany Towers, Traci Topps, SaRenna Lee, Wendy Whoppers, Pandora Peaks and many more. So when she won 2016 Newcomer of the Year and 2017 Model of the Year, it was additional proof, as if we needed any, that the girls who made SCORE famous and great in the first place are still loved by our readers and SCORELAND members.

SCORELAND: Dolly, do you like to wear fantasy costumes?
Dolly: I like them very much for shoots but also to spice up the bedroom.

SCORELAND: Do you have a lot of breast sex? What are your favorite tit-fucking positions?
Dolly: All the time, all of them.

SCORELAND: Are you a sports fan?
Dolly: Yes, in the bedroom.

SCORELAND: What do you look for in a bra? Comfort? Ease of purchase?
Dolly: The only thing I look for in a bra is to find my size, all the rest I look after. It's very hard to find my size and if I look at the style, then I will like something I see but then they don't have my size! I have to look all over to find those or buy online. But mostly I don't even wear a bra. In this pictorial and the video, I wear a matching bra, garter and panty set.

SCORELAND: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex?
Dolly: Yes, I love it.

SCORELAND: Do you have any funny habits?
Dolly: Being horny all the time.

Dolly also said, “More is better. I never try to hide my boobs. I like to show what I have, and there is no better place to show what I have than in SCORE magazine. Whenever I go out, I always show my cleavage in tight tops and wear short dresses and high heels.”

posting 61128 x xl - Super Fox

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