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XLGirls: Do you like to talk dirty in bed, Rose?

Rose: I do, I like to talk about what's happening, and what I want to happen.

XLGirls: Do you watch adult videos at home?

Rose: I do. I really enjoy watching girl-on-girl stuff. I'm also into watching mangas. I enjoy reading lots of different types of erotica also.

XLGirls: Can you describe your sexiest fantasy that you masturbate to?

Rose: I enjoy the idea of being fucked hard from behind while I suck another man's dick and choking on it. I enjoy being taken advantage of and used so my fantasies often revolve around that.

XLGirls: Even though you're married, would you consider doing a sex scene with a porn stud on-camera?

Rose: It's a fantasy of mine. I would love to do it one day. However at the moment it's not in my near future. You guys will be the first to know when I am ready.

XLGirls: Thank you. Do you collect sex toys? Which one is your favorite?

Rose: I don't collect them, however I do love my glass toys. My favorites are probably my glass dildo and butt plug. I really like using them together. They are always cool to the touch to begin with and they have a good weight to them.

XLGirls: Do you squirt when you masturbate or have sex?

Rose: Unfortunately, no, I don't. I've tried many times however it's not something I can do.

XLGirls: Do you like sexting?

Rose: I do, it's so fun. I can get quite bossy when sexting which is completely opposite to who I am in the bedroom. I guess we all say things in text that would never come out of our mouths in real life.

XLGirls: What is the most unusual sex position you've ever tried?

Rose: Laying half on my belly, half on my side with him entering me from behind. It happened last year when I fractured my foot. It was so hard to get comfortable but I was horny as hell. Really hard to move or anything but it was successful. We both came hard. It was really fun too, caused a lot of friction for us both.

XLGirls: Favorite TV show:

Rose: I don't really watch much TV anymore. I do love to snuggle up on the couch and have a Stargate marathon.

XLGirls: Favorite movie:

Rose: I like a lot of older movies. I couldn't pick just one.

XLGirls: Favorite book:

Rose: It by Stephen King. I read it in the 7th grade and loved it. It helped ignite my passion for literature. I've read it about five or six times now. I also love a lot of biographical novels.

XLGirls: Favorite band:

Rose: Nine Inch Nails, Stone Sour, Soundgarden, Deftones, Mammal. Too many to choose just one.

XLGirls: Favorite drink:

Rose: Non-alcoholic is creaming soda or water. Alcoholic is a gin and tonic with lime, preferably Bombay Sapphire gin.

XLGirls: Favorite foods:

Rose: So many. I love food and I love to cook. I'm always experimenting with new things. But an all-time favorite of mine would have to be a simple fettuccine carbonara.

XLGirls: Are you called by any pet names?

Rose: Rosie. That's about it. Not very creative, unfortunately.

XLGirls: What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday night?

Rose: I enjoy playing a game of Laser skirmish with some friends or going to concerts.

posting 61418 x xl - Sexy Rose From Australia

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