SeXXXy Time For Luna Bunny

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo | Date: 17 August 2018

posting 59563 xl - SeXXXy Time For Luna Bunny

Luna Bunny gets her sex on in a hot and horny hook-up with Brad. Luna's big tits are suckable and fuckable with wide areolas. Luna can suck on her own nipples. She does that as she and Brad grind on the sheets. A girl sucking on her own tits and playing with them as she's fucking is always an erection-producing sight.

Luna is a wild child: “I gave a blow job in a car, in front of a church and in a university bathroom.” She's not into anal sex but would consider a threesome. When Luna gives a guy a blow job, she swallows or spits but mostly swallows. The blow job her fuck buddy Brad gets in this scene is sloppy and wet with drooling and gagging.

Luna wants a guy to take charge of her in bed and dominate her. She said she's passive and talked about losing her virginity at 18. “I had sex for the first time with my first love. It happened but wasn't planned. I was on top of him riding him. It was during the summer so it was hot and sweaty. It didn't hurt. I actually had fun my first time.”

posting 59563 x xl - SeXXXy Time For Luna Bunny

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