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Living doll Rachel Raxxx ran track in high school. How did Rachel do that?

Rachel explained that marvel, a result of a great feat of breast-binding.

“My grandmother would take ace bandages and wrap them around my breasts after I put on a sports bra, then I would put on another sports bra after that and a tight tank top, and that would hold them. I was able to run cross-country and do discus and shot-put. It held them, but it made it harder to breathe. I was actually the slowest because I couldn't move as fast.”

Rachel also faced the usual boob prejudice from creeps and mean girls. SCORE editors have ranted about boob prejudice for years.

“A lot of the girls used to make fun of me, but I learned to take care of myself. You know how girls can be jealous. They'd say, ‘Your boobs are too big. They don't go with your body. You don't have no butt.'”

Well, who's laughing now?

Praises P.S., “Rachel's rack is awesome, without a doubt one of the best ever in SCORE. Perfect in size and shape, her big, heavy hangers are magnificent. In every photo and from every angle, I love the way Rachel shows off her ginormous 30JJs.”

posting 53303 x xl - Rachel Raxxx Rocks

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