PVC Killer Heels

Category: Amateur, Big Tits, Boots, Cougar, Feet/Shoes, High Heels, Leather, Legs, Lingerie, Mature, MILF, Panties, PVC/Latex, Solo, Striptease, United Kingdom, Voluptuous | Date: 13 August 2017

Hi Lorna Im really looking forward to fucking youMy new photographer Tony was certainly not backwards in coming forwards I had to admit that I was really wrongfooted by what were pretty much the first words he said to me Ive heard similar from people who have booked me for escort meetings and even then I find it a bit more direct than Id like whats wrong with being a little less abrupt gentlemen but I decided to put it down to artistic temperament and took myself off to the next room to get changedMy outfit for this shoot was the decidedly unladylike PVCnumber you can see in the accompanying photos a lovely shiny outfit that nicely enhanced my curves the lengths I have to go to in order to avoid saying made my tits look great topped off or should that be bottomed off with some lovely dark stocking and the kind of boots that just scream out that the wearer is well up for getting herself fucked I checked myself in the mirror and decided if I was a man Id want me then thought back to Tonys opening lines and wondered what the next hour would holdAfter that opening speechI was expecting a much more handson approach Ive had more than onephotographer who needed to adjust my boobs bum or even pussy lips to get the shot exactly right but the shoot went by on a very professional basis Tonys conversation was quite neutral matter of fact subjects even when he was talking about the way he wanted my body to come across in the finished pictures The hint of alarm I felt at first gave way first to relief then a slight but growing sense of irritation that what he said to me at first had just been ignored I began wondering if there was something wrong with him or perhaps me when he didnt seem to be responding at allI began to go that little bit further in my posing smiling my wanton smile as I played with myself He watched straightfaced as I teased my nipples to the point of pain with my bright red fingernails but still not a flicker crossed his face Slightly angry nowI looked into his eyes as I theatrically moved my hand down to my pussy pulled my pants to one side and slowly slid a finger in as far as it would go I winced a little at the sensation then kept it there as I realized just how wet I had got I closed my eyes and began to move it in and out and realized it wouldnt take much to really push me over the edgeThrough my eyelids I saw the flash gun fire a couple more times then I heard a sigh There was a clunk beside my head then the unmistakable sound of a zip He took hold of my hand and brought it up to his lips suckling the juice from my finger I felt warm flesh against my wanton pussy lips then after the briefest of hesitations he slipped inside I swear I could feelhis foreskin going back as his cock entered me I opened my eyes saw the wolfish smile on his face and as if controlled by some hussy I felt my legs lift and cross and pull him inside meHis body fell on mine knocking my breath out of me I was surprised how much I wanted him and squirmed my groin up to get him as far into me as I could We kissedno actually it was more like we devoured each other and again I surprised myself by putting my arms round his shoulders and trying to choke him with my tongue I heardhim drawing in a lungful of air through his nose and then he began to fuck me Hard FastHe moved inside me and against me his pubic hair slamming into my naked pussy I knew he wouldnt couldnt last long but what surprised me was the fact that he managed to make my come a huge powerful orgasm that started deep inside me and had my hungry pussy gripping and releasing his cock as the spasms went through me I heard him panting louder and felt him pushing deeper and deeper into me and knew he was about to come I knew he had no thought of pulling out of me but my legs made sure he didnt get a chance crossing behind his buttocks in a love knot to make sure I got every last drop I felt him shooting into me and held him as tight as I could until he finishedHe was heavy on me for a few moments I felt his cock start to subside a little while my pussy was still tensing down on him every now and again in the aftermath of my own orgasm He smiled breathlessly perhaps the first normal reaction I had got out of him all night I lifted my head and kissed him on the lips and just asked himBetter nowWe both laughed and he pulled his spermsoaked cock out of me A final droplet of sperm splashed my thigh from the way things had just gone I expected to be leaking his juice for a while yetChrist Lorna I knew youd be good I hope you dont mind my presumption the tension often makes for a really horny shoot I didnt think Id be able to keep my hands off you till the session finished Lucky for me the battery ran out when it didSo that my horny readers is why I may look a little eager in some of these photos –  (Gallery) 

1 - PVC  Killer Heels

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