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I was looking for busty girls who had the right stuff and would be interested in shooting. While browsing the Internet, I logged into the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. A friend was working as a publicist for Dennis Hof, the late owner of the ranch, so when I saw “Hot Ass” Holly Wood as one of the Bunnies on the site, I asked him for assistance, basically to validate that I was actually from SCORE and not a shyster looking to scam girls.

Holly has it coming and going. She has big tits and a big butt. That hot ass led to her becoming the covergirl of the DVD Big Ass White Chicks 6.

Holly has a lot of enthusiasm and is highly motivated. This scene is done in partial P.O.V.: what it would be like to meet and fuck her.

SCORELAND: What kind of porn do you like to watch?
Holly: What don't I watch? All of it turns me on, seriously!! Especially cum shots. Something about seeing that moment of ecstasy.
SCORELAND: What is the most unusual position you've ever tried?
Holly: They have to be the positions where they try to bend me like a pretzel and think I am a contortionist! It never works.
SCORELAND: Do you attract more boob guys or more ass guys?
Holly: It's funny. I usually ask every guy I meet and it's 50/50. Or they just love both!
SCORELAND: Do you like tit-fucking?
Holly: It's a huge turn on for me.
SCORELAND: What positions are your favorite for tit-fucking?
Holly: On my knees or on my back.
SCORELAND: Where do you like a guy to cum?
Holly: All over my chest!
SCORELAND: What would you say to other busty girls interested in shooting for SCORE?
Holly: I'll say it over and over: Do it. They are professional, nice, fun and a pleasure to work with. I trust them completely.

Holly left the Bunny Ranch to become an independent model. Check her out in Big Assed White Chicks 6.

posting 61399 x xl - Private bunny time

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