Prepared for sex

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posting 61004 xl - Prepared for sex

Lola Hot was 21 years old when our photographer in Germany found her. She was a Czech college student looking to get into hot modeling.

I like the way this scene starts. Lola is in the shower getting ready for her sex date with Thomas. She gets dolled up, puts on sexy lingerie and walks into the bedroom where Thomas has been waiting. It's a normal, everyday way to set up the sex instead of the often ridiculous themes in porn scenes.

“Guys were always telling me that I should try this,” Lola told the photographer. “I always get attention because of my breasts, and I like it. My boobs grew big late. I was 18 years old. I love my tits because they make me feel like a woman.”

Since Lola and her guy in this scene are Europeans, there's pussy-licking, something a lot of American porn studs don't do. Don't ask me what that's all about.

Lola also said she is not a cum swallower.

“I don't swallow, no. Well, in my first video with Thomas, I did get his sperm in my mouth and swallowed some of it. When I saw the end of the video, I thought it looked kinky. I don't have any kinky or crazy sex fetishes. I am a regular girl.”

posting 61004 x xl - Prepared for sex

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