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Even if Mariya Mills is a quiet girl in her XL Girls videos, her body does all the talking so if you look at it like that, she has a lot to say. Obviously she's not shy or she wouldn't be taking her clothes off on-camera. Mariya's just naturally quiet. She has a picture perfect body and pictures don't lie. Those huge boobs and that big butt are works of art and she's pretty too.

The cameraman films Mariya in lots of full-body shots from head-to-toe getting progressively closer and closer until he's a few inches away from her smooth pussy. His full-body framing really shows you Mariya's proportions and dimensions.

Believe it or not, Mariya was not the bustiest girl in her neighborhood. Keep in mind that she's from Ukraine, land of lovely plump babes looking for husbands. That's exactly what Mariya is looking to do. “Lots of guys approach me and give me attention,” Mariya said to the cameraman/translator. “I have not found the right guy at this time for marriage.” Let's hope that's not for a while or Mr. Right will take her off the market.

posting 53559 x xl - Plump, Plush & Lush

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