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“My sex drive has only gotten stronger as I get older,” Czech natural Veronika said. “That's why I love making pictures and videos. If I am alone, I will look at them and masturbate with one of my vibrators. I consider myself 100% sexually liberated and I'm happy that my country no longer has any stupid sex laws. I feel sorry for the women in many other countries.”

Veronika has been an interesting model for us. She's been bouncing in and out of modeling since 2003, showing up for a while, dropping out of sight, returning, dropping out of sight again, and so on and so on. It's as if she doesn't quite want to become a porn star but loves doing the things porn stars do.

She's also changed her look several times. We've seen her as a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. Me? I just like her tits. I don't care what color her hair is.

“Guys are always talking to me and want to take me home,” Veronika said. “One said to me ‘You have nice, big eyes.' That was funny.”

Funny but true. She does have nice, big eyes. And big tits. A girl can have both, you know.

posting 61378 x xl - Play time witih Veronika

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