Patty’s Pink Canoe Paddling

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 20 November 2016

posting 53006 xl - Patty's Pink Canoe Paddling

Athletic and agile, Patty Michova can turn sex into a gymnastic event. If sex ever becomes an event in organized sports (and we're not holding our breath), Patty would win a few gold medals.

“I don't think I have any special talents except dancing,” says Patty. We disagree. Patty's got all kinds of talent going on and her videos and pictures are the proof, whether she's by herself or with men.

“I do get a lot of attention and I'm proud of that. If I want to have sex with a guy, he's going to know it. I often get asked what my favorite position is. I don't have one favorite. I have five or six favorites!” Patty's previous hardcore video “Stacked For Sex” shows how flexible she is when she's rolling around the bed sheets.

posting 53006 x xl - Patty's Pink Canoe Paddling

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