My wife’s an exhibitionist

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“I did not know anything about porn” Eva Karera said in an interview. “I had seen maybe one or two DVDs, but on the Internet, it's easy to do research, so I contacted a company in France to do the casting thing. I thought I would have to pay to do a scene, and the next week, I was booked to shoot a scene in Paris that I got paid for, and I was like, ‘Okay!That's good!' The funny thing was, when I showed up on-set, they asked me if I was doing anal in my personal life, and I said, ‘Yes.' So I did anal in my first scene.”

Eva is from Belgium, a country that has a tiny, if any, porn industry, so Eva went to France. Later on, Eva came to the States.

Eva's a hyper-sexual woman, so she began swinging. That led to porn flicks. She does just about everything in porn, with few boundaries.

“I became more comfortable with my body because I forced myself and did some photo shoots, going to swingers clubs, and I had no trouble having sex with strangers, which sounds crazy but it is what it is. I don't know where I got that from. It just happened, and then I met a girl who was doing some scenes. She was very shy, and I thought if she was doing it, why could I not do it?”

posting 60268 x xl - My wife's an exhibitionist

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