Milly Marks: Real Estate Agent With A Rack

Category: BBW, Big Tits, Photo | Date: 20 July 2018

posting 59118 xl - Milly Marks: Real Estate Agent With A Rack

The #1 real estate agent with a rack is Milly Marks. No question. Lovely young Milly's sales techniques, not to mention her sweater-busting skills, always seal the deal. We note once again how heavy and beautifully shaped–with big nipples and wide areolae–her ripe tits are. Girls can't buy what Milly has no matter how much money they have.

Milly shows a potential buyer around a swanky house she's trying to sell. She picks up that the guy is more interested in examining her big balcony than the property. She's right. The guy is a deadbeat who heard about Milly from a friend and connived to meet her in the flesh. He comes clean and admits it.

Milly doesn't lose her cool. She gives him some credit for sheer nerve. Since he's Mr. No Sale, Milly decides to use his cock for a sex break. She can't unload the house on this dude but he can suck her tits to her liking, fuck her nice and hard, and then bust a nut all over her. The afternoon is not a total loss for her after all.

posting 59118 x xl - Milly Marks: Real Estate Agent With A Rack

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