Maya gets ass-fucked by a 26-year-old

Category: MILF, Photo | Date: 31 July 2018

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In her debut, 57-year-old Maya Luna calls Rion into her office and gives him the once-over. She's dressed in a business suit and is wearing glasses, so she looks professional but sexy. Before long, she's seducing Rion, which doesn't take much time, then she's sucking and fucking his young cock right there in the office.

And getting her tight old ass fucked. Yep, Maya takes it in the ass from a 26-year-old, and she obviously enjoys it. Rion does, too, judging by the way he glazes her pretty face with a giant load of cum.

Maya, who was born in the Philippines and lives in Southern California, is a wife and a mother of two sons. She's petite at 5'1″, 126 pounds, and when we asked her if people she knows would be surprised to see her here, she said, “Yes, surprised and shocked at the same time. People don't know I'm capable of this. I never talk about all my sexual encounters to anyone. It's like I have a second life.”

Maya is retired, kind of.

“I'm managing my household, but I discovered webcamming when me and my husband attended an adult expo in Los Angeles and then another in Vegas. I said I would like to try it, and he said, ‘Go for it!' It's been four years now. I like it so much. We both benefit from it. We are learning a lot and enjoying sex more.”

Maya also enjoys hiking, gardening and making her own jewelry. Her perfect day would involve “just hanging out in the house, having a good dinner and watching a movie.” She's not a swinger. She's not a nudist. But she is doing this. Welcome, Maya!

posting 59487 x xl - Maya gets ass-fucked by a 26-year-old

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