Massaging Daylene’s big mams

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Daylene Rio, who once gave me a lapdance on the set of SCOREtv (a segment that never aired), gets her big boobs massaged. Then she gets them fucked by a big cock. As Elliot wrote when this scene debuted on SCORELAND, “Seeing Daylene's heavy tits shake and her big booty quake is one of the great pleasures of living in this big-boobed world. It's the real greatest show on earth.”

I don't know why it is, but here's my favorite Daylene story: She got away from modeling for a while and worked in her uncle's carpet store in Southern California. Well, when she decided to come back, she contacted us, and she told her uncle that she needed a few days off. She didn't tell him why, although I'm sure he could've guessed. Anyway, the idea that she took time off from working for her uncle so she could come to SCORELAND and fuck was, to me, very hot.

I can just imagine the conversation. A customer comes into the carpet store and asks Uncle Rio where his niece is.

“Oh, she's down in Miami giving blow jobs to porn studs,” he says.

I don't think that conversation ever happened, but I like the thought of it.

“My very first boy-girl shoot was with SCORE,” Daylene said. That was back in 2007. “It's still the most-fun thing I've done. I love taking control and being assertive. My fantasy is to fuck in Dodger Stadium. I'm much more open about sex now than I was before I started.”

Daylene is a 100% man-pleaser, and she's got it all. Huge tits? Check. Big, round ass? Check. Dick-sucking lips and a pink pussy for fucking? Check, check. She also has a nice personality. Very girl-next-doorish. She isn't stuck-up about herself at all, but she loves being a fuck toy. Ya gotta love a girl like her.

posting 61006 x xl - Massaging Daylene's big mams

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