Kitty Cute: Breastmeat Idol

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Kitty Cute: Breastmeat Idol

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Kitty Cute has a body and face that causes major brain freeze in males. But Kitty doesn't live in the fast lane just because she takes her clothes off and has an eye-banging gaze that just comes naturally.

“I am really a very shy person,” said Kitty, who stars in the movie On Location North Coast. She's not looking shy here as she vamps it up in her bedroom. “You may not think so. I am too shy for sex in public. I am not into girls. I don't have an interest in kinky things. I just like romantic sex, normal sex.”

One of the photographers in the Dominican Republic where this scene was shot noted that “Kitty's a real mama's girl. Kitty was on her phone with mama back home in Romania the whole time. You don't see that with the American girls.”

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