Kiki Rainbow Gets Screwed By Her Attorney

Category: BBW, Big Tits | Date: 22 March 2019

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Kiki Rainbow needs a legal brief signed right away so she goes to the law firm of Fuckem, Bangem and Screwem. The attorney is hesitant to sign anything. He wants to study Kiki's briefs first.

Kiki is nervous about this delay. She needs his signature before the day is over. Now, Kiki is a girl who makes the most of her ample assets. That's why she always wears the lowest sweaters and blouses to showcase her massive tits. Those tits are like a neon sign no one can miss seeing.

Steve the attorney is swayed by Kiki's argument that his signature is vital, not to mention being swayed by her chesty charmers. It looks like they're both going to drop their briefs in the office. Steve feasts on Kiki's nipples, burying his face inside her cleavage.

Once he manages to extricate himself from between her big breasts, he sits her on the couch and replaces his face with his dick. A good attorney always tit-fucks his busty clients first before really fucking them. Kiki holds her pale, blue-veined boobs in her hands as Steve moves up higher to fuck her wet mouth balls-deep. Kiki holds his cock in her throat for a few seconds before he pulls out and goes back in again. The blonde Brit blouse-buster makes gagging, gargling and sucking sounds while Steve pumps her mouth. Steve tells her to spit on her boobs. He has to fuck them again. While he's fucking her tits like a maniac, Steve's assistant Dom walks into the office.

Kiki smiles as Dom unzips and takes his prick out too. She takes his cock in her hand and jerks him. Steve is absorbed in fucking Kiki's tits when he glances down and sees Dom cutting in on his client session. He blows up for a second but then tells Dom to go ahead and give Kiki some. They both smash Kiki on the couch, taking turns on her pussy and throat in Steve's soundproof office. It's not known at this time if Kiki got that signature. She did get plenty of sperm samples all over her tits and lips.

posting 60833 x xl - Kiki Rainbow Gets Screwed By Her Attorney

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