Katrin Porto: Soaked In Oil

Category: BBW, Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 21 March 2019

posting 61049 xl - Katrin Porto: Soaked In Oil

“My fetish is my husband's dick,” Katrin Porto said. What a great wifey. “I can worship his dick with all of my love because it gives me the most pleasure I ever got with someone.”

We saw Katrin online and introduced ourselves. It took a long time but we were finally able to set up some shoots with this curvy, friendly redhead.

Katrin's had a lot of erotic experiences and talked about some of them.

“I have had sex outside a lot of times and this is a normal thing in our marriage. Sex on beaches, balconies, windows, bus stops, streets at night. My husband is crazy. I know, I am too.

“A guy once invited me to his home for a shoot. When I came, he was fucking his previous model and asked me to wait outside. He said, ‘Please wait here. She will leave soon and I will open the door.' I was shocked because it was our first date. At first, I wanted to go home but the very next moment, I felt interested about what may happen next so I decided to stay. Now I am his wife and his favorite model out of all the models he ever shot.

“I have a lot of sexual fantasies. A lot. In one, I am giving a blow job to a stranger under the table in a restaurant while stroking the dick of my husband who sits near him. Another fantasy is a reverse gang-bang with my husband surrounded by a lot of girls. He licks each of their pussies. Very often, my fantasies are about group sex with two or more guys or about my husband or myself licking another woman's pussy.”

posting 61049 x xl - Katrin Porto: Soaked In Oil

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