Juliana’s personal wet T-shirt show

Category: Big Tits, Hardcore, Hi-Def Porn, Mixed, Natural Boobs, Solo | Date: 7 January 2019

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“I am a good kisser,” big-titted natural beauty Juliana Simms said. “I like a man who knows how to kiss a woman. To make me happy, I wish to have a massage first with strong, gentle hands. Then he can make hard love to me and make the earth move for me.”

Juliana certainly makes the earth move for us in this scene. She starts off wearing a sheer T-shirt. Then she uses a spray bottle to create her own wet T-shirt show. The thin, wet fabric sticks to her big, beautiful breasts and is translucent. Juliana's prominent areolae form a kind of boob bullseye.

“I love this top and tops like it because it is soft and clings to my breasts,” Juliana told her photographer. “I love how I look in it. And I hope all the guys love to see me wearing it.”

Don't worry, Juliana. We definitely do. We also love watching you taking it off and squeezing your big tits together and rubbing your pussy. With Juliana, everything is perfect.

SCORELAND: Juliana, the clothing in your SCORELAND shoots…those are your personal clothes?

Juliana: Some of them but not all of them.

SCORELAND: Do you wear some of these outfits in public?

Juliana: Yes, of course.

SCORELAND: Do you wear high heels around the house?

Juliana: At home? No. But I love high heels.

SCORELAND: How do other women react to your beauty and big breasts? Do they act envious?

Juliana: I often find that women are envious. But that is life, no?

posting 60796 x xl - Juliana's personal wet T-shirt show

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