Hooky Time Is Nooky Time For Alice Wayne

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Busty Russian girl-next-door Alice Wayne is the aggressive type. She wants Falco to cut class and stay at her place so she can get boned at home. The target of her lust insists that they have to go to school. His words bounce right off Alice who completely ignores his comments. This girl doesn't take no for an answer about anything, particularly from a guy who would rather sit in a classroom than fuck the shit of her. Maybe she likes sexual challenges.

Alice thinks Falco is a pushover, so she tests her opinion by pushing him, sending him backwards onto the couch where she climbs all over him like a lap dancer. She shoves her tits in his face, telling him to suck her pert nipples. Falco can forget class. His lesson today is sex education taught by a very talented, precocious young lady who acts like a spoiled brat. She tit-fucks and sucks his dick, and once he feels her golden throat engulfing his cock, she owns him.

Alice Wayne knows what she wants, and what she wants on this day is a mouthful of cock and a hard fuck. “I want to get fucked as often as I can,” said Alice. “I love sex almost every day. That is one reason why I became a porn star.” This girl is a gift. She's the gift that keeps on giving.

posting 60536 x xl - Hooky Time Is Nooky Time For Alice Wayne

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