Hooked On Vanessa Y.

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posting 61125 xl - Hooked On Vanessa Y.

“You see her,” I wrote. “Long black boots. Black leather miniskirt. A tight belly shirt that turns her big, natural tits into big, rounded mounds of mouthwatering cleavage. You pull over. She leans into your open window and sticks her tits out. “Want to take me home?” she asks with a smile. It's cold for this pretty woman to be out there on the mean streets pounding the pavement. It takes more than a pretty face and big tits to get through the night. She has goodies you've never dreamed of.”

Vanessa Y., two-time V-mag Model of the Year, has a very enthusiastic bunch of followers at SCORELAND who take the time to show their devotion to their Polish Princess.

Dreamcatcher is one of those who comments. “Very few women turn me on the way Vanessa Y. does,” he said. “Instant stiff shaft every time I see her insane killer body and her beautiful sexy face on the screen. Whatever she does and says in her videos is music to my ears and glory to my senses! Pure bliss.”

Vanessa did a P.O.V. toy scene called “Fantasy Dream Bang” that earned over 60 comments. I think that's a record. Real hardcore stars never get even close to that number for one of their scenes.

It's my opinion that if Vanessa actually did a real fuck scene with a guy, it would disappoint her followers. The majority of them seem very happy with her simulated P.O.V. sex scenes with dick-shaped dildos.

posting 61125 x xl - Hooked On Vanessa Y.

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