Hitomi is the hot waitress

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Hitomi as a hot waitress is a pretty good fantasy. Waitresses are great because they often show cleavage and they often bend over. A lot of them know that big tits means big tips, so they don't try to hide anything.

Recently, a bunch of us at SCORE went to the local Hooters for lunch. As most of you know, Hooters is a misnomer because the waitresses there hardly ever have big hooters. But this day was an exception. Our waitress, a curvy Latina with a nice ass, had, by Elliot's estimation, E-cups. We tipped her well, of course.

And there was another waitress who wasn't ours but should've been because her rack was huge. I'd say J-cup naturals, at least, and she was really showing them off through her sheer, white top and low-cut bra. She was also showing off her ass, but her rack was the star attraction. I'm thinking about going back just to see her tits again.

I'd like to have a waitress like Hitomi. Me and a bunch of people from SCORE went to dinner with her once. Hitomi, a meat lover, not surprisingly, ordered a steak, and I wrote on the Blog, “I kept waiting for her to drip steak juice onto her chest.”

It didn't happen, but in this video Hitomi, spills some sauce on her tits and licks it off. Ah, a man can dream, and this is where dreams come true.

posting 52830 x xl - Hitomi is the hot waitress

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