Good Neighbor Minka

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It's moving-in day for the amazin' Minka and when her new next-door-neighbor Peter sees and recognizes her as she carries boxes, he goes nuts. He hurries over and knocks. She opens the door and Peter blurts out that he's a neighbor and a huge fan and can't believe it.

Minka is amused and, being a kidder with a saucy sense of humor, plays with his head as a prelude to playing with his little head. When he offers to help her, Minka tells him to carry some of the boxes to the living room and to keep his eyes on the boxes. Sure enough, as they walk, he looks at her massive breasts and trips over his own feet. She's seen this before.

Minka could use a cock break so she tells Peter to sit down on the couch. Then she tells him to get out of his clothes. If she told him to run down the street naked, he would do it without hesitation. (A lot of us would do it too.) Getting some lube, Minka slicks his dick and gets him stiff with a hand job. It's his lucky day. You're in good hands with Minka.

Minka blows and fucks him and when he's fucking her cleavage that's as deep as the Grand Canyon, it's too much to handle. Having lost his mind at the beginning, Peter now loses his load and jerks all over her mega-boobs.

Like a good neighbor, Minka is there.

posting 53661 x xl - Good Neighbor Minka

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