Getting Wet

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Solo | Date: 1 December 2016

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Young, beautiful, healthy, bra-busting college student Daria (February 2017 SCORE, March 2017 Voluptuous) gets wet and comes clean. “This is my first time modeling,” said Daria, who was the covergirl in both mags. Her English is good enough, not that it matters because what Daria and many other girls do transcends mere language differences.

“I enjoy it. It is a new experience for me and everyone is so nice. I always wanted to model so when I had this opportunity, I made a decision to do this. I have just graduated college so I have the time for this.”

Like many young Russian girls of college age, Daria spends a lot of time on physical fitness. She swims, roller skates, exercises, plays volleyball (we'd love to see that) and enjoys pedaling away on long bike rides in the countryside when the weather is good. She also likes taking long showers as this video demonstrates. We might be the only guys who've actually joined her in the shower.

posting 53296 x xl - Getting Wet

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