Creamy Blonde With Heavy Jugs

Category: Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 20 November 2018

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Alana Anderson has a pair of very perky, pointy, puffy and large nipples that make breast-men drool when they see them. Alana's areolae are, in comparison, small and her creamy-skinned breasts have the kind of veiny texture that many tit-lovers enjoy. (We used to get letters praising Nicole Peters' veiny boobs and still get them now and then about girls with similarly veiny breasts.)

Alana said she has never been tit-fucked. That's rare for a woman with boobs like hers but then again, Amora Lee said her ex-husband had no interest in tit-fucking either, and they're probably not the only ones.

Alana has a shaved pussy and usually doesn't wear panties. She's also a milker. “I have milk and love to have a guy suck on them.”

Alana masturbates with large vibrators and is highly orgasmic. She likes to model sexy outfits, heels, bikinis and skimpy underwear on web-cam, then toy her pussy while they watch. Now that's entertainment.

“In hot weather, I wear a small low-cut top and a mini-skirt with casual wedge heels. In cold weather, a tight sweater and pants with knee-high, heeled boots. I almost never wear flat shoes since I'm so short.”

posting 59967 x xl - Creamy Blonde With Heavy Jugs

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