Chloe Rose in the ladies room

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posting 59770 xl - Chloe  Rose in the ladies room

In this scene, we enter the secret lair of the women's rest room to find out what exactly girls do in there. In this case, young Chloe Rose, who has big, fat, natural tits, changes out of her everyday shorts and top and into something sexy to go out in, getting all girlied up. But after she's all dressed, she decides she's too horny to wait for her date and plays with herself, right there in the women's room.

How did a young, pretty girl like Chloe, who has E-cup naturals, find her way to SCORELAND? Not the old-fashioned way, I'll tell you that. Chloe has a friend whose dad is a SCORE and Voluptuous reader. The friend, who had seen lots of his dad's magazines, knew Chloe would be perfect for us and suggested she ring us up.

As Elliot wrote, “Chloe self-debated the idea for a while. She had her best friend take three nude photos at home and emailed them to the SCORE studio. ‘If I was accepted, I was definitely going to go ahead and do it,' Chloe said.” She was and she did. She also fucked on-camera, twice. Can you imagine the look on Dad's face when he saw his son's busty friend in his favorite magazines?

Not that it would be the first time somebody she knew saw her naked in a place where you usually don't see girls you know.

“I was a stripper for about two weeks,” she said. “I stopped because one night, my dad's best friends all walked in. I was on the main stage, and one of my dad's friends saw me up there.”

Hey, if you ask me, if it was okay for her father's friends to be there, it was okay for Chloe to be there. But who am I to decide?

posting 59770 x xl - Chloe  Rose in the ladies room

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