Bowling for a boning

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Busty and slinky Jordan Pryce gets fucked in an alley.

A bowling alley. You think we would get our precious models laid in some dark, dirty alley? We love them too much.

Here's the deal with this Jordan bowling lesson. As I once explained, Jordan doesn't need to learn how to handle big balls. She's a pro at that. If you met a girl who called herself Jordan Fuckdoll, you'd have a pretty good idea of what she does and what kind of girl she is.

Jordan Fuckdoll is her internet handle and her way of life. I personally would not introduce myself to her by saying, “You must be Jordan Fuckdoll.” But the odds are unlikely that the opportunity would arise since she shoots for SCORE in Prague and never gets to Miami.

Jordan has what some would describe as “cock-sucking lips.” I agree with that description. Jordan speaks Russian and English and lives in the UK. I like her voice. She moans when she speaks even in a regular conversation and sounds like she's having an orgasm no matter what she says. Jordan could be ordering a cheeseburger at a drive-thru and it would sound like she's about to squirt.

When we asked Jordan if she wanted to bowl, she thought at first we said “blow,” not bowl. We rented a bowling alley just so they could fuck while we recorded it. This scene is a favorite of male managers and personnel at bowling centers around the world.

posting 59435 x xl - Bowling for a boning

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