Big-boobed & Big-Assed

Category: BBW, Big Tits, Solo | Date: 21 November 2016

posting 53051 xl - Big-boobed & Big-Assed

Veronika Kougar said she loves masturbating. She masturbates a few times a week. “I still remember my first vaginal and anal orgasms. I've always had clitoral orgasms. I love cock but I want my toys too!” said Veronika.

“I'll fantasize that a stud with a big tool is giving it to me from behind and that helps me to cum hard. Right before my period is when I'm at my horniest. If I'm not with my partner, I'll do it myself as soon as I can. I love my boyfriend but I'm in love with my toys.”

Veronika enters the bedroom and doesn't want you to take your eyes off her for a second as she puts on a night-time show, buzzing herself into hooter heaven.

posting 53051 x xl - Big-boobed & Big-Assed

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