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In this scene, the great Joana Bliss models bikinis in the Dominican Republic. This was shot during the SCORE On Location DVD shoot, and it's great stuff because prior to this shoot, we had never seen Joana in a tropical beachside location.

One thing you'll notice right away is that Joana's bikinis don't fit. That's what happens when a girl has FF-cup naturals. Things get kind of tight around the chest. But Joana is okay with that.

“I started to feel comfortable about my big boobs when the guys were looking at my eyes and not just at my breasts,” she said. “They used to look just at my breasts. It makes me feel good that they look at all of me, and I don't mind that they look at my breasts, too. I can feel the love. The bigger the breasts, the more love you have to give.”

I wonder if those guys were really looking at her eyes or if they were looking at her tits and managed to make her think they were looking at her eyes. We can be tricky that way. It takes practice, but it's possible.

Joana on music: “I like a lot of different music. I like dance music. 1960s music. Old music. I like to dance, but I have to be careful about what kind of dancing I do because my big breasts bounce all over the place! I like disco.”

Her favorite foods: “I like mushrooms. I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat any meat. My meat is mushrooms. Maybe fish and eggs.”

On sex with a person on the first date: “Not really, but it happened one time. It wasn't sex. It was something more than that. I can't just have sex right away or it can't be just sex. There has to be more of a connection. I sleep naked but I wear sexy clothes to bed with a man. I practice some Tantric yoga. It helps me feel the connection with the other person.”

Do you feel a connection with Joana?

posting 53523 x xl - &lt;b&gt;Blissful bikini beauty&lt;/b&gt;

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