Barbara’s poolside fuck

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“When I go out, I like to wear sexy clothes. I like to wear sexy tops and mini-dresses. I always get a lot of attention because of my breasts and, yes, I like that. I always wear a bra except for sleeping.”

So says Barbara Angel, a sexy, smiling I-cup natural from the land of babes with big tits who fuck on-camera, the Czech Republic. Here, Barbara isn't wearing sexy clothes. She's not wearing a top or a mini-dress. She's wearing a bathing suit that her big naturals are pouring out of. She's poolside on a beautiful day, and the day is about to become a lot nicer for Barbara and her studly friend.

She sucks his cock. He fucks her every which way. Doggie-style, too, of course. She gives him a tit wank before he cums on her face and tits. What self-respecting boob man wouldn't cum on this beauty's beauties?

“I thought about being a model for a long time, and then when I spoke to SCORE, I took the opportunity to fulfill this dream,” Barbara said.

We asked Miss Angel about this scene, and she said, “My favorite position was from behind because he felt pretty deep inside me.”

Elliot James asked her an interesting question about this scene: “You had a joyous expression when Thomas came in your hand and mouth after you rubbed his cock between your big boobs. Do you remember what went through your mind when this happened?”

And Barbara said, “Sure, I did, because so much came out of his cock. I remember breathing very heavily, pulling his cock fast, fast, fast and sticking my tongue out. I wanted to make sure I made him cum because in the porn I have watched, you see the man making himself come with his hand after they stop having sex.”

Good job, Barbara.

posting 52946 x xl - Barbara's poolside fuck

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