Ass-fucked by a 22-year-old in her first scene!

Category: MILF, Photo, Solo | Date: 24 April 2019

posting 61590 xl - Ass-fucked by a 22-year-old in her first scene!

We asked Arianna Steele, a 51-year-old first-timer from Nashville, Tennessee, if she enjoys anal sex, and she said, “If a man is sensitive to me and makes me feel comfortable with him, I love the way he feels while he's thrusting in my ass.”

In this scene, her first on-camera fuck, Arianna is getting ass-thrusted by a 22-year-old. In other words, the dude is young enough to be her son and nearly young enough to be her grandson. And here he is, fucking this wife, mother and granny deep in her tight ass and cumming in there, too.

Very impressive for openers. But then, Arianna is a very impressive woman. She's very sexual, as you know by now if you watched her solo video. She knows what she wants and how to get it.

“It depends on how horny I am,” Arianna said when we asked her if she usually makes the first move. “But all a black man has to do is walk up in front of me and pull out his cock and I go straight to my knees.”

That'll happen in Arianna's next hardcore scene at Yes, she's going to get fucked by a big, black cock. But for her cherry-breaker, it's a young cock in her tight ass. We wonder what her kids would think.

“Everyone in my normal life thinks I'm sweet and quiet,” she said. “They'd never expect to see me here. They'd all be shocked.”

Well, her husband wouldn't be shocked. He and Arianna are swingers and have been for over 30 years.

Arianna is an office manager. She's a mother of three and a grandmother of one. She likes confident men with big cocks. She has sex three or four times a week, usually with someone other than her husband.

She had sex four times in two days when she visited us. Gotta keep up that average, you know.

posting 61590 x xl - Ass-fucked by a 22-year-old in her first scene!

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