Ashley’s Bountiful Boobs

Category: BBW, Big Tits, Solo | Date: 26 December 2016

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“I was the biggest-breasted girl in school,” said beautiful Brit Ashley Sage Ellison. “I was never teased in school because we had to cover them up and hide them. I would get in trouble if I didn't. So no one saw them. I didn't play a lot of sports in school. It's a bit hard to run with boobs like this.”

At home:

“I tend to wear comfy clothes when I'm home. But I also like to walk around naked most of the time when I don't have to get dressed. If I go out dancing, I tend to glam it up. Corsets, short skirts, big heels, big hair, that sort of thing. I've got a big bum too but guys are more interested in my tits. They always want to take a selfie with me.”

No surprise there.

posting 53504 x xl - Ashley's Bountiful Boobs

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