Angel Baby

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“I love being on top because I'm a very dominant person so I can do what I want and and how I want it,” Angel Wicky said about the sex positions she loves. “And missionary with my ass up. That's the two best positions where I can easily play with my clitoris, get maximum penetration plus stimulate my G-spot and the front side of my pussy.

“Cock size is important to me. I think every girl prefers a big cock. I like cocks around 23cm long (nine inches) and as thick as three fingers together to make my pussy feel really full.”

Not every porn star watches porn. Angel does.

“I watch porn and erotic movies and I also read erotic books. I like two opposite styles. First, about a dominant girl and her slave boys who the girl uses for her own pleasure. She does with them anything she wants and how often she wants. Bondage, spanking and so on. On the opposite side, I also like the stories of the shy, submissive girl and the horny bad guy who uses the girl and makes her crazy, makes her his bondage girl and fucks her brains out of her head.”

posting 59623 x xl - Angel Baby

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