An analgasm for Claudia Marie

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When this scene was first posted at SCORELAND, Elliot wrote, “Claudia Marie loves getting fucked in the ass.”

And Claudia said, “It's the feeling. There's something about it. It feels nothing like a vaginal orgasm. Every anal orgasm I've had, I've cried. Getting somebody who can do it right isn't easy, but it's so good. Vaginally, I can cum pretty easily. I'm highly orgasmic, especially if a guy knows where to touch a woman.”

In this scene, Carlos obviously knows where to touch this blond, super-stacked wife. He fingers her asshole while eating her pussy, and that gets her really turned on. Then he fucks her every which way. When he sticks his cock in her ass and drills her from behind, her tits dangling, you can hear her analgasm building until it happens. And then it happens again and again until she jacks him off into her mouth like all good porn stars should.

“Some guys don't realize that the ass is not a vagina,” Claudia said. “It's a very sensitive area. The woman needs to be turned on a lot. He needs to start with his finger, relax it, open it up a bit, start with the head, go in slowly and let the girl get used to it. Don't just pop it in. And don't be scared to ask. If you don't know, just ask the woman. She'll show you how to do it.”

Claudia says she's fucked guys from “18 to 76 years old! Sometimes when you start talking to somebody you never thought you'd be attracted to, you start hanging out or having a conversation and you find yourself attracted. The oldest man I had sex with was 76!

“There isn't a dick in the world that's going to scare me.”

posting 60276 x xl - An analgasm for Claudia Marie

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