Alix Lakehurst – Nurse Alix heals a hard-on

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Nurse Alix heals a hard-on

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Alix Lakehurst is not a nurse, but that's okay. She does a good job of portraying one in this scene. She is, however, a lot of things. Model, porn star, designer, artist, actress and webmistress. The girl definitely has a way with words. She used to have a website called “Wecouldbenaked” in which she would write about everything going on in her life, from having anal sex to flashing her tits on the Chicago transit system.

“Before I modeled I did everything from retail to corporate merchandising to being a secretary,” she said. “I started writing sex stories and putting my naked picture on top of the stories. Then I got more and more naked. I started a blog and put naked pictures up and built up a following. I've done magazine layouts, porn videos, fetish videos and underwater videos. I love it all. I really enjoy what I do, I am a true exhibitionist.”

Alix is a hoot. If there's something on her mind, she says it or writes it. Reading her blog was like being on a roller coaster. We got to hear all the ups and downs of her life, good and the bad.

“The first time I had sex was in the backseat of my boyfriend's car,” she said. “All of a sudden, he was in me. I didn't mind. It felt good. I had never felt anything as good as that before and I was surprised and a little embarrassed at how wet I got. I thought I had peed a little but I realized later it was cum. After we were done, we noticed a guy watching us. As we drove away, we laughed at the great show he must have seen!”

Since then, she's gotten off on being watched, so when you pull out your cock and jack to this video? You're making her happy.

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