Alice in a Wonderland Called SCORELAND

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Alice Wayne used to work at a call-center, a job that is anything but exciting and fun for a young girl with a busty 21-year-old body flooded with hormones. So Alice quit and now shows off her big tits and shaved pussy and has hot porn sex with pro-studs. Getting eaten out on-camera beats getting yelled at by angry strangers on the phone for minimum wages. Of course, it's not for every girl but Alice is into sexual experimentation and trying new things.

“A guy said that my breasts are like a ball and he does not mind playing it,” said Alice. Hopefully, Alice took her “ball” and went home after he said that to her. Since she likes experimentation, Alice has done naughty things on a bus and has had three-way sex. She likes anal play, enjoys masturbation, some bondage and rough sex.

Alice likes to dress in skimpy, tiny outfits that show off her body. She has a kind of pixie, Naughty Neighbors look so she goes out in shorts, tank tops and clothes that emphasize her tits, which no doubt gets her fast service in restaurants. As with all girls who routinely dress like Hooters waitresses, Alice has our full support.

posting 59565 x xl - Alice in a Wonderland Called SCORELAND

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